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Original Article
Bioguided fractionation and identification of antidiabetic compounds from Balanites aegyptiaca leaves extracts
Mhya D. H, Anigo, K.M. Umar, I.A. Alegbejo, J.O
Edorium Journal of Biochemistry.  Article ID: To be assigned  doi:To be assigned
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Metabolic syndrome: A forerunner of cardiovascular diseases
Johnna F. Varghese, Rohit Patel, Umesh C. S. Yadav
Edorium Journal of Biochemistry 2017;2:4–6.  Article ID: 100005B01JV2017  doi:10.5348/B01-2017-5-ED-5
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Hypogonadism in men with diabetes: Should testosterone replacement therapy be based on evidence based testosterone levels and lifetime risk reduction?
Sudarshan Ramachandran, Geoffrey I. Hackett, Richard C. Strange
Edorium Journal of Biochemistry 2017;2:1–3.  Article ID: 100004B01SR2017  doi:10.5348/B01-2017-4-ED-4
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Review Article
Fibrates: From PPARα activation to clinical use in the metabolic syndrome
Kate Elizabeth Shipman, Richard C. Strange, Sudarshan Ramachandran
Edorium Journal of Biochemistry 2015;1:8–18.  Article ID: 100003B01KS2015  doi:10.5348/B01-2015-3-RA-3
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Human parvovirus B19, autoimmunity and systemic lupus erythematosus
Tsai-Ching Hsu, Bor-Show Tzang
Edorium Journal of Biochemistry 2015;1:4–7.  Article ID: 100002B01TH2015  doi:10.5348/B01-2015-2-ED-2
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Correlation between stemness and mitochondria functionality
Giuseppina Nocca, Massimo Cordaro, Giuseppe E. Martorana
Edorium Journal of Biochemistry 2015;1:1–3.  Article ID: 100001B01GN2015  doi:10.5348/B01-2015-1-ED-1
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